Cloud Computing. Big Data. Mobility and BYOD. Today’s networks have to be smarter and more flexible than ever to support the new world of IT.

Traditional infrastructure approaches are struggling to keep up with the changes. Our Secure Networking solutions combine leading technology with innovative design concepts to modernize and simplify your network, from the data center to the WAN, LAN and wireless LAN. Plus, we build security into everything we do. So we can help you create a network that actively guards against threats to ensure safe, reliable delivery of mission-critical access, data, and apps.



Our highly-certified team develops detailed designs with a focus on simplifying your environment and management requirements. Every design incorporates the very latest thinking to help you:

  • Improve network performance
  • Integrate new technology
  • Reduce costly redesign
  • Increase technical staff efficiency

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From core to edge, our networking solutions help you access, apply, and integrate technology in new ways to build a more consolidated network, reduce management and operating costs, and improve service delivery.

  • Switching/Routing
  • Wireless
  • Network Virtualization
  • Network Management



Solutions to help you integrate end user privileges, application requirements, and business policies to ensure appropriate and secure network access.

  • Network Access Control
  • Remote Access/VPN
  • Identity Management
  • Policy Management




Perimeter security is the first level of defense in your network. We can help you build an active, multi-layered defense against risk and attacks that will scale as your needs change.

  • Next Generation Firewalls
  • Content Filtering
  • Unified Threat Management


Data Center


Solutions for physical and virtual data centers. We’ll help protect the apps and data assets targeted by today’s hackers and malicious insiders, keeping them secure yet accessible.

  • Intrusion Protection
  • Micro-Segmentation
  • Web Application Security

Success Stories

Mid-Atlantic Liberal Arts College: Enabling Secure Identity & Access Management

This Microsoft project modernized and simplified a secure identity and access management solution by leveraging existing Microsoft software for this Maryland-based school.

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Frederick County Public Schools: Building a Simpler, Faster, More Reliable Network

Juniper Networks and Data Networks together provide 66 school sites with increased network scalability and performance, as well as simplified network operations.

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St. Mary’s College: Providing State-of-the-Art WLAN Upgrades to a Densely Populated Campus

Wireless LAN upgrades help this MD college dramatically improve its network performance and monitoring capabilities across its densely populated campus.

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Brethren Mutual Insurance Company: Delivering Secure, Compliant Remote Access

The successful installation of a new Pulse Secure appliance-based solution enabled this large insurance company to meet evolving business needs and keep pace with the marketplace.

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St. Mary’s Public Schools: Securing Student Learning with Unified Acces Control

A MD school district rolls out its wireless 1:1 computing program confident that data privacy and network security would be maintained.  

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James Sprunt Community College: Creating College-Appropriate Network Performance

A network redesign and wired/wireless upgrades dramatically increase performance and allow this NC community college to support critical student programs.  

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Cecil County Public Schools: Building a Next-Generation Network for Enhanced Learning

This network transformation helped a MD school district provide its students and teachers with a 21st Century learning experience.

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