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IT can significantly impact your organization's success but managing it can divert efforts from strategy and innovation. If you have few or no internal IT resources, Managed IT Services from Data Networks make sense. Let our professionals become your expert IT department, offering end-to-end management, unlimited support, expert guidance from certified IT pros, and predictable, fixed monthly pricing. Data Networks provides more than day-to-day support; we optimize and secure your IT to meet business goals, including strategic IT planning for your future vision. Win today's battles and prepare for tomorrow's challenges with Managed IT Services from Data Networks. 

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Features of our Managed IT Services

The Data Networks' offering is uniquely comprehensive and ensures technology success through a uniquely comprehensive approach built on a strategic framework including five pillars. There are no restrictive packages or complicated tiers to navigate-- just a single, all-inclusive management and IT support offering. 

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Event monitoring and IT maintenance to find and correct problems before they happen for peak IT performance.

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Unlimited technical support placed via phone, email, or web portal with speedy dispatch of onsite resources when required.

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In-depth knowledge of your IT environment with regular assessment to ensure alignment and compliance with accepted technology standards.

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Planning and guidance to align your IT strategy with business goals. Plus a strategic roadmap, plan, and budget to ensure technology success.

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Highly certified engineers and IT Pros who handle escalations and implement new technology as required or recommended by your TSM.

Your Centralized Services Engineer (CSE):
Monitors your environment 24/7/365
Manages and deploys patches for workstations and servers
Administers a wide range of Security Services
Maintains your backup and BCDR
Manages overall system health
Service Level Agreement Includes:
Automated monitoring provided 24/7/365
Standard Support available from 7:00am - 5:00pm EST, Monday - Friday
Support during Non-Business hours can be provided on a case-by-case basis
NBD dispatch of onsite resources when required
Your Technology Alignment Engineer (TAE):
Ensures IT alignment with a managed and updated library of technology standards
Conducts regular assessment of your IT infrastructure
Communicates findings to your Technical Success Manager
Schedules regular updates and reports on MSP activity
Your Technology Success Manager (TSM):
Engages in strategic planning to ensure IT considerations are integrated into your business strategy
Assists in the development of IT budgets and plans
Identifies and assesses technology-related business risks
Evaluates and manages relationships with IT vendors
Recommends improvements to your IT infrastructure
Provides regular reporting on the status of IT initiatives
Our Professional Services Team:
Executes in-depth assessments and go-forward plans
Develops insightful designs based on data not conjecture
Delivers fast, seamless installation and integration
Provides stress-free project management
Gives you unmatched peace of mind

Managed IT Services Overview

We offer a comprehensive suite of Managed IT Services, including essential infrastructure, workstation, device, and security-focused services. Our specialized Managed Modules, such as Managed Compliance and Firewall as a Service, address unique needs beyond our base offerings. Additionally, our Professional Services provide project-based enhancements, with Managed IT Services customers benefiting from a 20% discount. This robust combination ensures tailored IT support and strategic planning for your business. 

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Our Based Managed IT Services Include All of the Following:
INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES Firmware updates for network infrastructure
Patch management and deployment for servers
Remote maintenance and support
Remote monitoring and management
WORKSTATIONS AND DEVICES Feature updates for workstations
Mobile device management and support
Operating system migrations
Patch management and deployment for workstations
Workstation management (PC and Mac)
SECURITY FOCUSED SERVICES Advanced endpoint detection and response
Disc encryption (PC and Mac)
Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)
Microsoft file and email encryption labels
Microsoft PII scans
Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
Security awareness training and phishing services
Vulnerability scanning and management
Firewall Management
GENERAL SERVICES Asset inventory and management
Onboarding and offboarding staff
Software licensing management
Vendor procurement management
Printer Support


"Data Networks helps me focus more on being a CFO like I need to be, and less about the daily technology matters."

"They also help me with looking forward. I am very happy with how proactive and forward-thinking Data Networks' Engineers are when it comes to enhancing our technology capabilities."

Mack Carpenter
Chief Financial Officer
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Add Managed Modules for enhanced protection

Managed Modules address your organization's needs that fall outside our core Managed IT Services offerings, each representing a managed service available as an add-on to your Managed Services contract at a reduced price.

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Managed Module: BCDR

Disasters happen—but downtime doesn’t have to with services that enable your business to recover mission-critical data, restore IT systems, and resume operation in the event of a disruption.
  • Secure cross-platform protection
  • Infinite cloud retention
  • Ransomware vigilance and protection
  • Operational resilience
  • Reduced storage costs
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Managed Module: Firewall

An effective firewall prevents unauthorized users from accessing internal networks, provides secure and encrypted remote access, provides antivirus scanning for all traffic, and provides website content filtering functionality.
  • No Firewall appliance to purchase or maintain (we supply)
  • Scales effortlessly to fit business needs
  • Improves overall network performance and availability
  • Managed and monitored by experts so you don’t have to
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Managed Module: Microsoft 365

Make the most of your Microsoft 365 investment with services designed to drive better business results and maintain the sustainable operation of your M365 solutions.
  • Administration of M365 ecosystem
  • License plan recommendations
  • Preventative monitoring, proactive maintenance, reactive issue support, and prompt troubleshooting
  • Resources consumption reporting
  • Consolidated monthly billing
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Managed Module: SaaS Protection

Did you know that data stored by cloud-based applications are just as vulnerable to deletion and corruption as data stored on-premises? Our service protects your apps and data with:
  • Coverage of data in all M365 and G Suite applications
  • Protection against all types of data loss
  • Quick recovery from cloud data loss regardless of cause
  • Secure cloud-to-cloud backup (3X daily)
  • Support for compliance efforts and security requirements
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MSP Verify Certified

As an MSP Verify and Cyber Verify AA certified provider, customers of Data Networks can rest assured that they’re working with an IT service provider that prioritizes experience, accountability, and professionalism.

The MSP Verify certification by MSPAlliance is the most trusted, independently audited program for Managed IT & Cloud Service Providers worldwide.

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Manage Less, Innovate More!

Outsourcing your IT to Data Networks’ Managed IT Services means you’ll have access to an entire team focused on IT efficiency, plus ongoing guidance to help you realize your IT vision. So you can be sure your IT meets today’s needs while evolving to address tomorrow’s challenges.