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Improve your IT efficiency and drive innovation.

Today’s IT organizations are dealing with an explosion in data center growth and complexity while scrambling to adopt transformative data center solutions like virtualization, cloud computing, automation, and “software-defined” everything. We can help. Our data center solutions will guide you on your journey to a next-generation digital architecture that provides not just improved efficiency and economics, but critical insights for operational innovation.


Assessment + Design

Every project starts with an assessment of your current needs and readiness. Next we'll provide a set of thoughtful recommendations, a detailed design and plan, and all the technical expertise needed to get you where you want to go.
  • Data center performance
  • Data center lifecycle
  • Storage
  • VMware


Count on Data Networks for scalable, intelligent compute solutions that deliver performance for a diverse set of workloads, from the edge to the cloud to the core. We back our Dell PowerEdge server portfolio with unmatched design and build services.
  • Rack servers
  • Tower severs
  • Modular infrastructure
  • Management + automation


There is an amazing amount of innovation going into storage platforms these days. The right storage solution is intelligent, scales efficiently with your needs, and helps you harness the power of your data. You'll also get peace of mind by partnering with a company that has been designing, building, and supporting Dell EMC storage solutions for over 20 years.
  • Primary storage
  • Unstructured data storage
  • Management + automation

Data Protection + Backup

Our solutions help you protect and ensure availability of your valuable data no matter where it lives. Centralize fragmented backup approaches, ensure data integrity, deliver reduced downtime, and assure compliance for virtual, cloud, and legacy environments.
  • Backup + recovery
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity
  • Archiving + compliance


Virtualization now touches every aspect of IT. Our experts can design and build a solution that delivers all of the promise of virtualization - from optimized resource utilization to simplified provisioning and management - and better position you for your continuing journey to the cloud.
  • Server virtualization
  • Storage virtualization
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Management + automation

Converged/Hyper Converged

Converged and Hyper Converged infrastructures replace complex and expensive legacy approaches by combining common DC hardware with intelligent software to create flexible building blocks you can scale as needed. We'll build your CI/HCI using Dell's leading engineered systems and validated designs plus our unmatched technical guidance. You'll see more consistent performance, a smaller data center footprint, maximized ROI, and enhanced cloud readiness.

Application Analysis + Modernization

What good is a modernized data center if you're running the wrong applications or overspending on software licensing? Our experts will make sure your applications are as optimized as your infrastructure to deliver improved IT efficiency and the best possible end user experience.
  • Messaging
  • Collaboration
  • Databases
  • Configuration + management
  • Reporting + analytics

IT Services Retainer Program

Looking for reliable support with cost predictability?
Try our IT Services Retainer Program. It lets you pre-pay for professional services and use them when you need them. It’s a convenient way to put qualified resources on reserve and optimize your IT spend.