The solution

NHCS’ goal was to standardize on just two images and find a solution that would help them deliver images and software more efficiently and securely. Data Networks transitioned the school system to Novell ZENworks and introduced them to ENGL’s Imaging Toolkit. This solution delivers images, software installations, and updates more efficiently, dramatically reduces image process time, offers secure access to images, facilitates the creation of user-specific customizations, and eliminates hardware/ software dependency for images. The overall solution for NHCS included a technical assessment, deployment of Novell ZENworks and ENGL’s Imaging Toolkit, and documentation and knowledge transfer for the new technology.

Data Networks designed and implemented a comprehensive solution that included using phase scripts in ENGL Imaging Toolkit to “lock down” and customize NHCS’ images. Through LDAP authentication, Data Networks was able to minimize access to images and further secure the school’s computer environment. The implementation of Novell ZENworks and the ENGL Imaging Toolkit afford NHCS’ technology staff more time to focus on other initiatives instead of being burdened with image management.

Mission accomplished

“Our goals have been realized and ENGL Imaging Toolkit easily supports all of our hardware from HP to Dell to Asus. Having a new model arrive today no longer means hours of trying to find drivers and install software, it can be in the end user’s hands in just a few hours,” says Cindy Dodson, Client Services Engineer for New Hanover County Schools. “With the help of Data Networks, the implementation of Novell ZENworks and the ENGL Imaging Toolkit has improved security, and reduced costs through better use of our technology staff’s time.”

Click here to view the PDF version of the Image Management Improvements Help Increase Efficiency for New Hanover County Schools case study.