The solution

Data Networks performed a site survey and developed a new Wireless SAN solution and related infrastructure upgrade at Easton High School, providing professional services related to the staging, installation, configuration, testing, and project management necessary for implementing this solution. Leaning on our premier partners Aruba and Juniper, Data Networks designed a solution that supplies the performance, security, management, and scalability TCPS needed at the lowest TCO.

The Aruba portion of the solution included:

  • Installation and configuration of a new Aruba Networks 6000 series
  • Wireless Controller
  • Upgrade to latest supported version of ArubaOS
  • Replacement of existing Access Points with 80 new Aruba AP-125 802.11ABGN dual-radio access points

The Juniper portion of the solution included:

  • Installation of four (4) new Juniper EX4200 Ethernet switches in existing equipment rack in the MDF; two (2) new Juniper EX4200 Ethernet switches in the server room and one (1) Juniper EX3200 Ethernet switch in each of the three existing IDFs
  • Upgrade to the latest supported version of JUNOS
  • Configuration of 802.11 trunk port on one 10GE uplink (SFP + LRM) to the existing Cisco switch
  • Configuration of switch stacks in a Virtual Chassis for centralized management
  • An end-to-end test of the wired and wireless networks

Mission accomplished

Using a dynamic configuration deployment method, the existing network was leveraged to provide the configuration details needed for access points to locate and communicate with the mobility controller to receive a software image, initial configuration parameters, and post-deployment configuration. The controller contains an integrated network management system that configures, controls, and operates all mobility controllers and access points in the entire network, and allows for up-to 512 access points as the network expands.

“To position TCPS with a scalable solution, Data Networks was able to provide secure wireless network access and integrate upgrades to the existing infrastructure,” says Dwayne MacKenzie, Data Networks’ Networking & Security Solutions Architect. “The EHS students, teachers, staff, and guest users now enjoy fast, secure wireless with minimal impact on the TCPS technology staff.”


Click here to view the PDF version of the New Wireless Network Access System Helps Talbot County Public Schools Prepare for the Future case study.