The scope of BCPS’ Outlook migration included an extensive transfer of email archives to the cloud. Historically, BCPS IT staff utilized Symantec Enterprise Vault for archive management and had developed an automated process to handle all archiving.

While this team maintained the existing Symantec-based archiving process effectively and were a talented group, moving to a cloud-based archival solution required additional expertise and manpower. BCPS partnered with Microsoft and QuadroTech, a leading email migration software provider, to help execute the migration. QuadroTech’s responsibility was to help BCPS technicians perform the email archives migration from the Symantec vault to Office 365 using their software. BCPS IT staff could easily operate the QuadroTech application once configured, but therein laid the problem: QuadroTech’s consultants were spread too thin at the wrong time, having too many client commitments and making them unable to satisfy BCPS’ project timeline requirements.

The solution

As they have for numerous enterprise projects in the past, BCPS turned to Data Networks. As a Microsoft Cloud Productivity Partner as well as an authorized QuadroTech reselling partner, the company’s consultants have implemented the software extensively and offer significant configuration expertise in Microsoft Cloud Technologies.

Quickly, Data Networks formed a small team of QuadroTech subjectmatter experts on site at BCPS. “Our systems engineers work hard to stay on top of the latest advances in our partner platforms such as QuadroTech,” says Todd Rechen, Data Networks Senior Engineer. “This helps us stay responsive to our clients’ needs, regardless of the timeline.” After assessing the progress that had been made to date, Data Networks consultants performed all of the following with the assistance of BCPS to complete the archive migration from Symantec Enterprise Vault to Office 365:

  • Selected a small sample of user mailboxes and utilized them to test the migration of archives in accordance with the different email filter configurations
  • Validated that all archive email data inserted into Office 365 matched original data from Symantec Enterprise Vault
  • Conducted all remaining user mailbox archive migrations based on a detailed BCPS-provided schedule
  • Shared final knowledge and lessons learned with BCPS IT staff members on how to maintain email archiving from Office 365 using QuadroTech software

Mission accomplished

Since Office 365 and specifically Data Networks’ QuadroTech solution has been in place at BCPS, the school district has observed tremendous performance and user convenience benefits.

According to Thompson, “We’re very satisfied with our results thanks to the Data Networks team. Both Office 365 for daily office productivity and QuadroTech archiving to the cloud are consistently at virtually 100% uptime. In addition, the new architecture which Data Networks helped us configure properly proved reliable right from the start.”

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