The solution

Data Networks recommended a server consolidation solution leveraging VMware virtualization technology and including installation and configuration of a Storage Area Network (SAN) at the main data center location of Cecil County Public Schools. The proposed solution included a technical assessment, implementation of SAN installation and server virtualization, and documentation and training for this technology.

  • Data Networks implemented a comprehensive solution that included:
  • Technical and organizational review of the current environment and data storage strategies including the use of VMware’s Capacity Planner to be able to design the server consolidation solution
  • Installation and configuration of the CX4-120 system including Navisphere and SnapView software at the Cecil County Public Schools Main Data Center
  • HOST integration services using EMC Best Practice Guidelines including configuration of RAID groups, LUNS and Storage Groups for the host servers
  • Installation and configuration of the two (2) HBAs into each of the vSphere 4 servers to provide high availability
  • Connection and configuration of vSphere 4 servers as a cluster including testing and verification
  • Migration of VMs to CX4-120C and distribution of VMs across the vSphere 4 server cluster
  • Documentation and training with Cecil County Public Schools’ IT staff for their new server consolidation solution

Mission accomplished

Leveraging Race-to-the-Top funding, CCPS was able to gain a solution that reduces the number of servers in the environment, eliminates single points of failure to minimize downtime and meet Recovery Time Objectives (RTO), and provides a robust, flexible, scalable, and reliable storage infrastructure to support the education and business goals of the school system.

“Data Networks implemented a solution for Cecil County Public Schools that increased their storage capacity and performance,” says Rick Fairhurst, Data Networks Account Executive, “while reducing their hardware and maintenance costs at the same time.”

Click here to view the PDF version of the Data Networks Improves Storage Support for Cecil County Public Schools with SAN Installation and Server Virtualization case study.