Other North Carolina public school systems have asked more of Data Networks. In most cases, the projects include comprehensive preparation, delivery and installation of hundreds of PC workstations and peripherals in very short time periods. Data Networks typically begins by helping a school district manage the receiving and inventory control associated with incoming computer equipment. Data Networks leases a local warehouse as a “technology staging and configuration center” to handle pre-delivery PC imaging and testing. To deploy specified operating systems and software to each computer, Data Networks uses hard drive duplicators to replicate the image of a “master” PC to other computers. Once the “master” image has been validated by school district IT staff and Data Networks engineers, the duplicators are used to image individual school sites’ actual computers, based on a planned installation schedule.

Data Networks leads a checklist-centered testing effort at the school once all workstations are delivered, installed and connected to ensure each PC and its peripheral components all function in accordance with manufacturer and school district specifications. Many projects include a re-use strategy with Data Networks repurposing as much as 25% of the removed workstations. A final “walk-through” on the last day of onsite activities confirms the North Carolina public school systems’ expectations have been met or exceeded by Data Networks.

Mission accomplished

To successfully execute technology modernization projects for school districts across an entire U.S. state requires the experience and precision that Data Networks delivers. GCS and many North Carolina school districts today are in a much better position to provide their students with state-of-the-art educational experience now and for years to come.

Says Altvater, “My impression of Data Networks over the years has been extremely positive. Above and beyond their professional services team’s tremendous PC installation abilities, they’re very quick to resolve any concerns or issues that arise, and their turnaround of information is so timely, whether it’s a quote for new computer equipment or scheduling a new product demonstration for us.”

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