Manage IT Less, Innovate More!

Technology should be a catalyst for your business, not a governor on your growth. If you want to spend more time innovating and less time maintaining IT, now is the right time to consider Managed IT Services from Data Networks.

Managed IT or Co-Managed IT: Which is Right for You?

Choose from two core service options, designed to fit the way you do IT:

Full Managed Services

If you "own" IT but have few or no internal resources to support it, our Managed IT Services make a lot of sense. Rather than go it alone, let our team of professionals become your expert IT department.

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Co-Managed Services

If you have IT talent but need to keep them focused on the big picture, our Co-Managed IT Services are the right choice for you. We'll assume responsibility for enterprise management and work with your team to focus on IT strategy.

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Two Options; One Philosophy

Whether you choose Managed IT or Co-Managed IT Services, you’ll benefit from the same holistic approach–combining managed IT solutions and support with expert guidance. Both options include: Managed IT Services Solutions

You’ll get end-to-end management with unlimited support, access to our team of experienced IT professionals, plus cost stabilization with fixed monthly pricing. There are no restrictive packages or complicated tiers to navigate–just a single, all-inclusive management and support offering.

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Add Managed Modules to Address Your Organization’s Unique Needs

Managed Modules address needs that fall outside of our core Managed IT Services offering, each representing a managed service available as a standalone or as an add-on to your Managed IT Services contract at a reduced price.


Managed Module: BCDR

Disasters happen—but downtime doesn’t have to with services that enable your business to recover mission-critical data, restore IT systems, and resume operation in the event of a disruption.
  • Secure cross-platform protection
  • Infinite cloud retention
  • Ransomware vigilance and protection
  • Operational resilience
  • Reduced storage costs

Managed Module: Compliance

We take the chaos out of compliance with Managed Compliance Services that help you get and stay compliant with multiple global regulations, and manage due care for your Cyber Liability Insurance requirements.

  • Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • National Institute of Standards and Framework (NIST CSF)
  • Cyber Liability Insurance (CLI)

Managed Module: Microsoft 365

Make the most of your Microsoft 365 investment with services designed to drive better business results and maintain the sustainable operation of your M365 solutions.
  • Administration of M365 ecosystem
  • License plan recommendations
  • Preventative monitoring, proactive maintenance, reactive issue support, and prompt troubleshooting
  • Resources consumption reporting
  • Consolidated monthly billing

Managed Module: SaaS Protection

Did you know that data stored by cloud-based applications are just as vulnerable to deletion and corruption as data stored on-premises? Our service protects your apps and data with:
  • Coverage of data in all M365 and G Suite applications
  • Protection against all types of data loss
  • Quick recovery from cloud data loss regardless of cause
  • Secure cloud-to-cloud backup (3X daily)
  • Support for compliance efforts and security requirements

Managed Module: Network as a Service

Get a reliable, affordable, and customizable network managed by our team of experts. Data Networks' Managed Network as a Service (NaaS) offers fixed monthly rates, no upfront equipment costs, and zero expensive management tools.
  • Choice of Managed Wireless and/or Managed Wired LAN
  • Industry’s most scalable, programmable, and resilient networking hardware
  • AI-driven wireless technology powered by Juniper-Mist AI

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Manage Less, Innovate More!

With outsourced Managed IT Services from Data Networks you’ll have access to an entire team focused on IT efficiency, plus ongoing guidance to help you realize your IT vision. So you can be sure your IT meets today’s needs while evolving to address tomorrow’s challenges.

An MSPV Certified Provider

The MSPAlliance’s MSP Verify (MSPV) certification is the oldest certification for cloud computing and managed services providers. Based on the Unified Certification Standard (UCS) for Cloud and Managed Service Providers, MSPV certification is the result of a rigorous process that benchmarks and verifies the quality of companies providing cloud and/or managed services.

Learn more about the benefits of using an MSP Verify Certified managed IT service provider.

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